Single Screen Grate Sand Device (Patent Pending)

  • Available with different screen sizes to filter out tree debris, coarse sand, garbage, etc...(Fine, Medium, Coarse)
  • Constructed out of galvanized steel and perforated aluminum
  • Pneumatic wheels provide ease of use
  • Screens can be interchanged to fine tune your sand cleaning process
  • Sand must be completely dry for best results
  • Simply pull the Grate Sand Device through the sand and lift the handle to a 45 degree incline. Fine beach sand drops right through while debris tumbles towards the back. (Repeat as necessary)
  • Select your screen size:
    • Coarse: - Filters tree debris, bark, and small rocks
    • Fine: - Filters tree debris, bark, small rocks, pea gravel and large grains of sand (Sand needs to be very dry to process through the screen quickly)



First and foremost thank you very, very much for the sand grate device that you sent me.  It worked remarkably perfect for our beach event.  We used it quite often on each court and it was a well designed piece of equipment.  -Jason C.


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