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VB-ADAPT: Adaptable Freestanding Volleyball System

Sold with bases and poles complete or can be used with existing equipment if your poles fit our bases.

Absolutely no floor sleeves or anchors needed!

Designed for sports arenas and gymnasiums where sleeves and anchors cannot be installed.

  • The same 3", 3-1/2" or 4" volleyball poles that you use in existing or new gym floor sleeves now can be used to create a 100% freestanding portable volleyball system that can be used on any floor, without sockets, loose ballast, floor anchors or guy wires.
  • Bases are fully padded in your choice of 16 school colors and can easily be transported to and from storage with the transport dolly provided.
  • Just lift the poles from the Adapt base to use poles inserted into floor sockets in other gyms
  • VB-ADAPT can be ordered as a complete system including bases, base padding, Patriot posts, post padding, net, antennas, boundary markers, lettered side tapes, pad lettering, net storage bag, net rope covers and net height gauge or just the bases to use with your existing equipment.
  • If you wish to use your existing 3", 3-1/2" or 4" posts (any brand) and your own net, post padding, etc., order 2 ADAPT bases only with base padding.

VB-ADAPT Aluminum (With Pads) Includes:

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VB-ADAPT-SYSTEM Self Supporting Volleyball Poles with Built-In Pads

Lifetime Limited

Sencomp American Made Super Strong Volleyball Net with Kevlar Stitching Two-Year Limited
Clamp-On-Antennas Clamp On Antennas Two-Year Limited
Cable Cover Pads Net Cable Covers to protect bottom net tensioners Five-Year Limited
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