VCL20: 750 - 1000 Watt (750 Watt and 850 Watt available with Pulse Start) (1000 Watt Standard Start)

Volleyball Court Light packages for professional courts, college courts or recreational courts. Foot candle recommendations for beach volleyball courts has been established at 30 or above. We can provide lights by themselves or with posts.

  • Suggested mounting height of 20 or order a 25' with part number VCL25
  • Available with poles only
  • HOUSING: - The housing is one-piece, formed aluminum, rectangular in shape with square corners. Corners are welded and finished to produce a clean, sharp appearance while increasing housing strength and ensuring weather-tight construction.
  • DOOR FRAME: Recessed aluminum door frame with two captive stainless steel fasteners to provide secure closure. The door frame features a one-piece continuous gasket for maximum sealing to the housing.
  • LENS / GASKET: The clear, flat, tempered glass lens is sealed to the door frame with EPDM gasketing.
  • SOCKET: Porcelain mogul-base socket with spring reinforced contacts. Sockets are pulse-rated.
  • LIGHT SOURCES: The 1000W Metal Halide lamp utilizes the standard clear BT-56 envelope. The 875W and 750W Pulse-Start Metal Halide lamps utilize the reduced clear BT-37 envelope.
  • BALLAST: High-power factor CWA type ballast. All ballasts are designed for -20°F (-29°C) operation, and are mounted to the housing reinforcing plate. Lamp igniter included where required.
  • REFLECTOR: The high performance reflector consists of a combination of specular and hammertone aluminum. The reflector provides uniform Forward Throw (FT) distribution with sharp backlight cutoff. An integral lamp grip device is provided to insure proper lamp positioning. Photometric data is tested in accordance with IESNA guidelines.
  • FINISHES: Each fixture is finished with DuraGrip® Polyester powder finishing process. The DuraGrip finish withstands extreme weather changes without cracking or peeling, and is guaranteed for five full years. Standard colors include black, green, bronze, platinum plus, metallic silver, buff, white, and graphite.
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE: The fixture is furnished with installed stainless steel, threaded mounting studs protruding from the rear of the housing. Stainless steel nuts and washers used to secure the fixture
  • (Order 4 or more for free shipping)
  • Florida Building Code Light Poles - (Poles are rated for 120mph per 2010 Florida Building Code / ASCE-7 Risk Category II)

Electrical Requirements: 

  1000 Watt 875 Watt 750 Watt
120V 9.2 amps 7.8 amps 6.8 amps
208V 5.3 amps 4.5 amps 3.9 amps
240V 4.6 amps 3.9 amps 3.4 amps
277V 4 amps 3.4 amps 2.9 amps
347V 3.1 amps 2.7 amps 2.3 amps
480V 2.3 amps 2 amps 1.7 amps

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