2 Inch Pro "Short Court" Boundary Lines- IN STOCK (Ships within 24 hours)

2 Inch Pro "Short Court" Boundary Lines- IN STOCK (Ships within 24 hours)

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The "Short Court" Boundary Lines System is designed and stitched for the new 2 vs 2 doubles volleyball court size. These lines are great for customers using a smaller yard for volleyball play. Similar to our other Pro Adjustable Boundary Lines, these are made of heavy duty UV treated webbing to prevent color fading and material degradation from prolonged sunlight exposure. We use twice the amount of UV inhibitors compared to our competitors making colors last even longer. The provided stakes are equipped with 2 feet of bungee cord, keeping boundaries in place when kicked and stretches when tripped on.

  • NEW UPDATE: Stainless steel corner rings, crimps (hog rings) for grass bungee stakes, s-hook connection and center court markings for prolonged outdoor use.
  • Made for 2 on 2 recreational doubles volleyball (8m x 16m / 26'3" x 52'6") (We expect the lines to never be exactly 26'3" x 52'6" as they can stretch or contract +/- several inches based on how tight the lines are pulled, temperature and humidity.  (Pro Tours and colleges use adjustable lines for referees / players to modify the lines before games to get the exact measurements.)
  • Heavy Weight Webbing lines are hand sewn with braided material.  (Braided material can contract or expand based on tension, heat and humidity.  If you do not want this issue we suggest buying our premium vinyl lines.)
  • Choose from NEW (set of 4) - 5-inch stainless steel grass stakes with 3/16" bungee cords or (4) 12" Plastic sand stakes with 3/16" bungee cords
  • Includes (2) hand winders for storage
  • Upgrade to sand plates for an additional cost, (4) 4" Round sand plates with 3/16" bungee cords or (4) 8" Square sand plates with rounded corners and 1/4" bungee cords
  • Bungee allows perfect rectangle shape and retraction for safety purposes
  • Heavy duty UV treated court boundary system (Note: Yellow and Red fade faster than other colors)


Installation Instructions

What sets the VBUSA 2 Inch Pro Boundary Lines Apart?

Nets 1


Made with Stainless Steel corner rings for prolonged use outdoors.

Nets 2


The 2" heavy duty buckles are made from extra durable Delrin plastic to try and prolong the life of the boundary lines. The heavy duty buckle also allows users to quickly take apart for storage.

Nets 3


Lines are made from a heavy duty webbing with extra UV protection to help them last as long as possible outdoors.