2 Inch Premium Boundary Lines

2 Inch Premium Boundary Lines

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  • Constructed out of 2 layers of 18 oz UV treated vinyl with 4 rows of stitching to eliminate stretching. (We do not recommend single layer / non sewn vinyl lines some of our competitors sell as they blow around too much in the wind and stretch)
  • Adjustable with lock down clips holding the excess line allows you to set a certain size and keep it permanently at that length or unlock it later to adjust if you want a different size. This line set will provide you with (29'6" x 59') or Short Court (26'3" x 52'6") or any size you prefer.
  • STAINLESS STEEL corner rings for pro-longed outdoor use and to prevent possible injuries from rusting corners.
  • Center court markings.
  • Fits onto two hand winders for easy storage.
  • Your choice of 4-five inch steel grass stakes with two foot of bungee cord or 4-plastic sand stakes with 2 foot of bungee cord attached. (Sand plates are available at an additional cost)
  • Bungee allows perfect rectangle shape and retraction for safety purposes
  • Available in Red, White, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, Maroon, Black, Light Gray and Dark Gray (Darker colors hold their color intensity longer than lighter colors with prolonged sunlight exposure)
  • These lines are made to order. Please allow approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery or order over the phone at 1-800-494-3933.


Installation Instructions

What sets the VBUSA 2 Inch Premium Boundary Lines Apart?

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Double stitched vinyl Quick Adjust boundary lines last longer than webbing lines outdoors. Vinyl boundary lines are heavier which helps in high wind enviornment.

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Corner rings are made from Stainless Steel to prevent rust outdoors. Mos boundary lines are made with zinc or nickle plated steel which will rust outdoors.

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The 2" heavy duty buckles are made from extremely durable Delrin plastic to try and prolong the life of the boundary lines. The heavy duty buckles also allows the user to quickly take apart for storage.