Colored Ultra Velcro 1 Piece Volleyball Antenna Set

Colored Ultra Velcro 1 Piece Volleyball Antenna Set

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  • Match your antenna sleeves to the color of your volleyball net.
  • Designed with more velcro than any other velcro antenna on the market*.
  • Constructed of heavy strength 2" vinyl.
  • Each antenna sleeve has over 96 square inches of velcro and has a double enclosure. This guarantees the velcro sleeve will not fall of the net.
  • 6' Solid Fiberglass antenna slips into velcro sleeve.
  • Velcro sleeve attaches to both 36" and 1 Meter (39") nets.
  • One piece antennas are more expensive to ship than 2 piece antennas since freight companies charge more for 6 foot long boxes.
  • Sold in pairs

What sets the VBUSA Colored Ultra Velcro 1 Piece Volleyball Antenna Set Apart?

Nets 1


For many years verlco antennas got a bad reputation. That is no longer. Our United Volleyball antennas and sleeves are manufactured in the United States and are made with more Velcro than ever. Adding the extra Velcro to the sleeves makes it so you never have to worry about the sleeve vibrating off your net.

Nets 2


Our antennas sleeves feature a double pocket design. The double pockets can be used for storing your antennas rods if you have our two piece design. If you have our one price antenna design the extra pocket can be used if one of the pockets were to wear out over time.

Nets 3


At the bottom of our antennas rod you will see a rubber bummer. The rubber bummer is installed so that the fiberglass rods do not dig into the vinyl pocket.