Ultra Clamp-On Volleyball Antenna Set With Jersey Protectors

Ultra Clamp-On Volleyball Antenna Set With Jersey Protectors

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Official Volleyball Antenna Set for indoor volleyball use featuring clamps that attach to both top and bottom borders of your volleyball net now with Jersey Protectors at the base to prevent ripped Jerseys from side changes and volleyball play. Made of durable fiberglass, this rebuild-able design allows repair as parts page or if the antennas are damaged. Each set includes (2) red and white colored antennae, stainless steel rounded Jersey Protectors and a carrying bag.

  • Made of fiberglass, Zinc Plated Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Features clamps that attach to both the top and bottom of net.
  • Stainless steel jersey protectors are pre-installed at the base of each antenna.
  • Clamps can be replaced or repaired if damaged
  • Telescoping design fits both 36", 1 meter (39") plus oversized 41" tall nets.  (Fits net sized in between 36" to 41" also)
  • (2) Red and White colored Antennae with carrying bag
  • Sold in pairs

What sets the VBUSA Ultra Clamp-On Antenna Apart?

Nets 1


Clamp-on antenna are used at many schools around the country. They are very easy to adjust. They adjust by unscrewing the top or bottom plastic parts. The clamp-on antennas are able to easily adjust to fit a 36’’ to 40’’ tall net. The small plastic clamps are able to clamp to the top and bottom of the volleyball net.

Nets 2


Replacement parts are available in the event one of the plastic parts were to get damaged.

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The clamp-on antennas come with a durable bag with draw sting for storage.