2 Inch Pro Adjustable Boundary Lines

Our 2-inch Pro Adjustable Boundary Lines are our most popular style of boundary lines, having been used during professional volleyball tours and in the Olympic Games. Made of heavy duty UV treated webbing (prevents color fading during prolonged exposure to sunlight), we add twice the amount of UV inhibitors  as our competitors, making for long lasting colors. Attached are adjustable buckles, you will also be able to adjust the boundaries down if needed. The provided stakes are equipped with 2 ft bungee cord, keeping your boundaries in place if kicked or tripped over.

  • Includes (2) hand winders for storage
  • Zinc plated steel corner rings and center court markings
  • Choose from (4) 5-inch steel grass stakes or (4) Plastic sand stakes
  • Sand Plates available for additional cost
  • Bungee allows perfect rectangle shape and retraction for safety purposes
  • Plastic adjustable buckles (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes)
  • Heavy duty UV treated webbing court boundary system (Yellow and Red tend to fade faster than other colors)


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