3' Ball Stop Fence

Our Ball Stop Fence is perfect for stopping runaway serves and spikes that may stray beyond your courts boundary lines. The mounting hardware is easy to set up in both grass and sand, making for quick setup and disassembly. Everything is handmade in the United States, ensuring the highest quality. Select from multiple color and sizing options.

  • Price listed is for the 32' length
  • Made with 4" netting to stop volleyballs.  Shown with 3/4" netting with optional printing (Please call for pricing and availability)
  • Available in 32' and 64' Lengths
  • Over 10+ color options
  • Includes net, stakes and optional guywires.
  • Designed to roll up with velcro pockets securing the stakes inside pockets and guywires have two sided velcro so you can roll up and secure the roll with the guywire.


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