eSCORE XL4 portable Scoreboard

eSCORE XL4 portable Scoreboard

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New generation of eSCOREs with breakaway magnetic charging port.

A large display version of our portable Scoreboard and Repetition Timer. At 8″ high, the eSCORE XL4’s LED display is double the height of the eSCORE X4 and features remote control operation, rechargeable battery and super bright green LEDs for extreme visibility either indoors or outdoors under bright sunlight. The eSCORE XL4 puts you in control of the action from anywhere, whether it’s the beach, playing field or gym.

Includes 2 remote controls, aluminum framed carrying case, AC/DC wall adapter for recharging and 1 year limited warranty. Features include:

  • Super bright, green 8″ high LED display, extremely visible outdoors
  • ‘Swap sides’ with a touch of a button
  • Rear display with scoreboard controls
  • Brightness control (Low/Medium/High)
  • Wireless
  • Buzzer with mute
  • Maximum score 99:99
  • LED indicator for ‘games won’
  • 60 Minute Countdown Timer
  • ‘Flyback’ feature resets and starts timer with the touch of a button
  • AC/DC wall adapter features breakaway magnetic charging port
  • 3.5 mm audio jack