PIP E-Series Galvanized Poles

Set includes all moveable heavy duty hardware, which can be adjusted with stainless steel set screws and nuts for any net height (volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc...)

  • Two 2-7/8 inch O.D. by 10-1/2' to 12' long, schedule 40 galvanized steel posts. (Poles can be ordered in longer or shorter lengths if needed)
  • Aluminum poles available in a true 3" Outside Diameter if a lighter weight pole is preferred. (Extra cost, call for pricing)
  • Aluminum and Galvanized steel poles are also available in 3-1/2" O.D. if needed (Extra cost, call for pricing)
  • High strength moveable eye hooks with stainless steel set screws and nuts
  • High strength moveable pulley with stainless steel set screws and nuts
  • Single point adjustment, no ladder or chair needed.
  • Perfect for recreation courts where strength, simplicity and low cost is desired.
  • Top and bottom internal drive caps for poles.
  • Posts weigh approximately 75 lbs in steel and 32 lbs in aluminum.

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