Quick Adjust Grommet Boundary Lines

(Accommodates both big court and short court sizes)

  • Manufactured off the request of sand club directors who want a very fast adjustable line from big court (30' x 60') down to short court (26'3" x 52'6" without having to re-install the corner anchor)
  • 2" Width
  • Constructed out of 2 layers of 18 oz UV treated vinyl with 4 rows of stitching to eliminate stretching. (We do not recommend single layer / non sewn vinyl lines some of our competitors sell as they blow around too much in the wind and stretch)
  • Recommended for sand volleyball as sand allows the burying of the excess line when the line is changed from big court to short court.
  • Two hand winders for storage.
  • Large 8" plastic corner plate anchors with 2 caribiner connectors pre-connected to bungee cord at two lengths allows the plate to remain under the sand as the line is adjusted from one court size to another.
  • Bungee allows perfect rectangle shape and retraction for safety purposes.

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