(T-Base) Roll-Away Volleyball Game Standard

(T-Base) Roll-Away Volleyball Game Standard

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Provides more stability and net tension than any fillable roll-away pole we've tested on the market!

  • Perfect for those who need quick set up and take down.
  • Heavy duty steel base.
  • T-Base design reduces risk of injury since it's more difficult to land on base since it's further away from the court.
  • No-Mark pads prevent sliding and marks on gym floors.
  • No-mark wheels.
  • Allows set-up with free standing referee stand for more competitive matches. (Sold separately)
  • Base can be filled with sand or concrete to increase weight.
  • Bases empty weight 60 pounds. (Also available pre-filled with concrete at 260 pounds.)
  • Pole extends up to 8.5 feet. (10 foot poles available for an extra charge)
  • 2 adjustable collars on each support provide you with infinite net height settings.
  • Bases filled weigh approximately 250 pounds.
  • Poles sold individually
  • Volleyball Net sold separately.  The net shown in the photos with this product is our IL2 volleyball net with the side tension ropes not usedWe do not recommend purchasing a net that has steel cables or wooden dowels with roll away poles unless you plan on anchoring the top of the pole to a wall or anchor in the floor.  The goal with getting a fairly tight volleyball net with roll away poles is to keep the net light.  Roll Away poles are typically used for recreational volleyball.  From our in house testing this T-Base style design provides the best net tension out of all of our roll away poles without guy wires. 

Optional: 2" Cambuckle Quick Tension Collars

  • Easily slides over 2" poles and secures with a cushioned adjustment knob
  • Add tension to your volleyball nets with a quick and simple pull
  • Only need one? Click here to purchase individually