VB-5100 Steel Multi-Sport Volleyball System

VB-5100 Steel Multi-Sport Volleyball System


Please call for pricing: 1-800-494-3933

Easy- to-order package includes all components necessary to install a high-quality, versatile Bison 3.5" diameter stationary volleyball system. Standards are heavy-duty 1/8" wall steel tubing.

  • System designed for power volleyball as well as use in multipurpose facilities at volleyball or tennis height or any height in between.
  • Easy-to-read height indicator labels on both posts
  • Meets all NCAA, USVBA and High School Federation rules.
  • Comes complete with floor sockets and instructions for installation in floating wooden floors.
  • If unit is to be mounted on tile, concrete or synthetic floors, please specify on order.
  • Installation requires a solid ground-level floor for 12" deep socket installation.
  • Eight padding colors in stock and four colors special order at no extra cost.
  • Approximate shipping weight is 200 lbs. via truck.

VB-5100 Volleyball System Includes:

VB50 Stationary Volleyball Standards 10-Year Limited Warranty
VB22 Floating Floor Sockets 10-Year Limited
VB1200 Power Tension Volleyball Net 2-Year Limited
VB14 Sur Grip Antennas 2-Year Limited
VB50P-XX Post Padding 5-Year Limited
VB35P Net Cable Covers 5-Year Limited


* If system is to go into existing sockets or non-floating floors, please advise so proper order adjustment is made.