VB-FS-REF: Bison Freestanding Volleyball System with Built In Ref Stand

VB-FS-REF: Bison Freestanding Volleyball System with Built In Ref Stand


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This Freestanding Volleyball System is specifically designed for sports arenas and gymnasiums where sleeves and anchors cannot be installed. Traditionally some facilities may have difficulty installing floor sockets and anchor systems. We offer a way around that while providing a volleyball system suitable for elite power volleyball. Unlike other units on the market, there is no need for floor anchors, extended frameworks, and ceiling mount swing down systems. We also avoid custom designs and expensive installation with this system.

The referee stand is totally self-contained, with a built in ballast that provides great net tension. There is also a 100% guarantee of no-slipping on any volleyball court flooring system, whether it is portable athletic flooring, synthetic flooring, or clip together tile system.Including but not limited to Sports Court, ActiveCourt, Spider Tile or Mateflex. Any facility regardless of size will value the convenience of these hassle-free, super stable, freestanding volleyball standards.

  • Meets all NCAA, National High School Federation and USVBA standards
  • 80" to 98" net height adjustment
  • Built-in swing up officials stand
  • Safe and attractive padding system is available (12 school colors)
  • Padding can be lettered at no extra charge
  • Rolls easily on any floor with dual rear and single front 8" diameter, 2" wide non-marking urethane casters
  • While in use, padded base is 41" wide and 60" long
  • When folded, each base stores in a 41"(w) x 65"(l) x 48"(h) with no loose/hanging parts
  • Entire steel structure has a durable powder coated finish
  • Approx. shipping weight: 3200lbs; Truck
  • Manufactured by Bison Inc.

System Includes:

VB81 Self supporting volleyball poles with built-in pads Lifetime Limited
SenComp American made super strong volleyball net with kevlar stitching 2-Year Limited
Clamp-On-Antennas Clamp on antennas 2-Year Limited
Cable Cover Pads Net cable covers to protect bottom net tensioners 5-Year Limited