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3" Patriot Pin-Stop ALL Carbon Fiber Volleyball System

Our EXCLUSIVE Carbon Fiber Patriot "Pin-Stop" Volleyball System is manufactured in our very own warehouse, built with an emphasis on maximum rigidity while maintaining convenience and overall performance. This system includes American Made telescoping volleyball poles, antennas, a competition level volleyball net, and customized printing for both padding and nets. Carbon Fiber is now the material of choice for many of the top collegiate programs in the country but is also ideal for middle and high school due to the weight of the poles. This system is 100% made in the USA and designed for years of dependability with quick and easy setup.

  • Pole Weight: 20lbs (25lbs with Worm Gear Winch attached)
  • Worm Gear Winch: Stainless Steel. Engineered with stainless and bronze gears to prevent rusting. Collapsible handle for storage and safety.
  • Maximum Rigidity: At tension, designed to flex less than a steel but weighs up to 40lbs less than a traditional steel pole.
  • Meets NCAA, National High School Federation, and USVBA standards.
  • Floor sleeves sold seperately
  • Socket adapters available upon request (fits 3" diameter sockets but adapters allow for 3.5" and 4")
  • Clamp-on or Free Standing Referee Stand available upon request.


3" Patriot Pin-Stop Poles All carbon fiber with maximum rigidity. Poles telescope and and locks in using the pin-stop, at 1-inch increments Lifetime Limited Warranty
SenComp Volleyball Net American Made Competition Style Net. 32' x 39' with reinforced corners and removable dowels. 2-Year Limited
Clamp-On Antenna Strong, fiberglass antennas (Velcro version available) 2-Year Limited
Pro Pads Custom Printed Pro Pads made in USA. Available in 12 school colors and logo/design of your choice. 5-Year Limited
Net Cable Covers Covers to protect players from top and bottom kevlar ropes 5-Year Limited


* If system is to go into existing sockets or non-floating floors, please advise so proper order adjustment is made.

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