3-1/2" Patriot Pin-Stop Hybrid Carbon Fiber / Aluminum Volleyball System With Stainless Steel Shields

If you don't like seeing your volleyball poles deflect much with tight volleyball nets our 3-1/2" outside diameter Carbon Fiber Volleyball Poles are noticiably stronger than 3" Carbon Fiber Poles and the Aluminum upper section subtracts cost without sacrificing performance.

The base section of the volleyball pole takes the majority of the stress load when tensioning a volleyball net.  We start with a 3-1/2" Carbon fiber base with a Stainless Steel Shield and then to a structural aluminum upper section.  The Stainless Steel Shield is critical to avoid direct contact with carbon fiber going into a hard, sharp edged, steel gym floor sleeve.  From our years of testing carbon fiber volleyball poles we have found that the softer carbon fiber tubing wears out with direct contact with steel gym floor sleeves. 

The enitre system is made 100% in the USA including the poles, winch, net, pads and antennas!

Poles weigh 32 lbs with a winch and 27 lbs without. 

This pole will weigh a few pounds more than an all carbon fiber pole but will be hundreds of dollars less expensive.

United Volleyball volleyball poles are used by many of the top collegiate programs across the country and is designed for years of dependable use and quick and easy setup.

  • Maximum rigidity, maximum convenience, maximum overall performance and maximum satisfaction.
  • Carbon fiber 3-1/2" outer base posts are built with maximum cross axis fibers started at the base of the pole to create a stronger carbon tube that may be flexed in multiple directions in times of competitive play.  (We do not pultrude our carbon tubes as some of our competitors do with the goal of reducing price as this results in a weaker, more brittle pole as their isn't very much 360 degree strength in that design. (Pultrude is pulling carbon and resin through a die in a linear direction)) 3" tempered structural aluminum inner extension tube keeps the pole stiff and reduces the cost of the posts.
  • Worm Gear Winch: Stainless Steel. Engineered with stainless and bronze gears to prevent rusting. Collapsible handle for storage and safety.
  • Stainless Steel Shields Installed at Base of Carbon Fiber Tubing.
  • Non-marking rubber bumpers to protect gym floors.
  • Solid, machined aluminum pulley at the top of the pole is drop proof and won't crack like the plastic parts used by many of our competitors.  (Many volleyball poles are dropped every week with player set-up and takedown.)
  • American made, Heavy Duty Knotted #36 volleyball net with Kevlar cords top and bottom sewn with Kevlar thread maximize net tension performance
  • Designed to flex similar to steel systems and weigh a similar amount compared to many aluminum systems.
  • Safety padding is available in 12 school colors and includes lettering of school name, mascot name or other wording
  • (up to 10 letters) on each of the four sides
  • System fits 3" diameter floor sockets but adapters to allow installation into existing 3-1/2" or 4" floor sockets are available free of charge on request
  • Other standard features include premium Centerline antennae, net cable covers and 78" to 98" net height adjustment for all levels of play
  • Entire system meets all NCAA, National High School Federation and USVBA rules
  • Order clamp on or free standing padded official's stands separately
  • Free socket adapters on request
  • Lifetime limited warranty on posts and winch.
  • Post weight for non-winch end 27lbs; winch end 32lbs. Approx. shipping weight: 150lbs; Truck

* If system is to go into existing sockets or non-floating floors, please advise so proper order adjustment is made.

Installation Instructions

Sleeve Option:

Net Options: 

  • SenComp Indoor Pro Net - The net of choice for collegiate, high school, and club usage. Meets all standards and regulations for NCAA, NHSF, USVBA.

Antenna Options: 

  • 1-Piece Antenna Set - 6' fiberglass antenna with velcro attaching sleeves (attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets)
  • 2-Piece Antenna Set - Each antenna is divided into two 3' pieces which connect to form an antenna. Easier to store than the 1-Piece Antenna.(attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets.

Padding Options:

  • VBSP - 2" Standard Pad - Wrap around style padding constructed of 2" of polyfoam and 18 oz vinyl.
  • 2" Professional Pole Pad - Padding with pre-formed corners that forms a square uniformed shape around volleyball poles.
  • Custom Printing - Submit your logos/artwork requests to be printed onto the padding.


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A Word From Our Customers

Our school has worked with VolleyballUSA.com for multiple projects over the past several years and each time I am more impressed with their products and customer service. After five years, each outdoor volleyball system we have purchased remain in perfect condition and we routinely receive compliments on the quality of our volleyball facilities. Their customer care is the best out of any company we work with and it has come to the point where we look for opportunities to do business through VolleyballUSA.com. There is nowhere else I would go to for volleyball equipment.

A. Trigg

To everyone at VolleyballUSA.com - Thanks for all the help. We love our courts! The Bazooka Net System is great. I appreciate all the help we received through the ordering process. We couldn't have done it all without you.


The equipment you supplied was first class. Best beach pole pads we've ever used and the nets looked amazing. The entire received rave reviews from athletes and families.

T. Giarla

I wanted to thank you very much again, for your generous partnership with my Monterey Beach events. Our main event this weekend, the 5th Annual Monterey Beach Open was another successful event! It's partners like VolleyballUSA.com that makes it the best junior beach volleyball event in all of Central and Northern California!

J. Companion

Over the past few months we have installed the slider attachment system onto 6 of our 9 courts. Adding the new pole padding along with the branded out nets have been a huge success. Our courts look better than ever.

University of Florida