HS-NEW-C-3" & 3.5" Hard Surface Floor Socket (Concrete, Tile, Carpet, Etc..)

HS-NEW-C-3" & 3.5" Hard Surface Floor Socket (Concrete, Tile, Carpet, Etc..)

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  • Designed for new construction where you wish to pour concrete right up next to the edge of the sleeve. Our sleeve cap fits flush inside the sleeve for a completely flush installation.
  • Powder coated seamless aluminum construction with welded base ring to lock sleeve firmly into concrete
  • For use on all non-floating floor systems, including concrete, tile, carpet or synthetic materials
  • Includes aluminum powder coated cap
  • Requires excavation of existing floors
  • Socket is approx. 12" deep
  • Requires two per system
  • Sleeves are stocked in two sizes to accomodate 3-1/2" poles or 3" poles. (Also available for other sizes, call 1-800-494-3933 for pricing and availability)
  • Note: Floors with basements or hollow cavities below require additional re-inforcement. Please call us for site specific install help.
  • Detailed installation instructions provided at no cost.
  • Sold Indivudually


Installation Instructions

What sets the VBUSA Hard Surface Floor Socket Apart?

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The recessed inner edge of the hard surface sleeve allows the cap to fit seamlessly into the sleeve, ensuring that the finished installation is flush with the floor height.

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The welded plate at the bottom of the sleeve serves two purposes: preventing grout from getting into the sleeve during installation and providing stability when embedded in non-shrink grout.

A 6-inch cord drill is recommended for installation due to the 4.5-inch width of the welded plate.

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The heavy-duty aluminum and powder-coated gray sleeves caps are designed to provide stability and prevent bouncing during events, even if the court is used for basketball.

With a three-inch length, they securely fit inside the sleeve, ensuring a secure fit and minimizing any concerns regarding movement or displacement