POP 3.5" and 3" Outdoor Ground Sleeve / Socket (36" Length) (Sand, Grass, Concrete, etc...)

POP 3.5" and 3" Outdoor Ground Sleeve / Socket (36" Length) (Sand, Grass, Concrete, etc...)

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  • Seamless Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Suggested for use outdoors in sand, grass, or concrete
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Cap
  • Socket is approx. 36" deep
  • Requires two per system
  • Note: Floors with basements or hollow cavities below require additional re-inforcement. Please call us for site specific install help.
  • Detailed installation instructions provided at no cost.
  • Sold Indivudually


Installation Instructions

What Sets The VBUSA POP Ground Sleeve Apart?

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The POP ground sleeves are an ideal choice for outdoor use due to their rust-resistant anodized aluminum construction. Unlike galvanized sleeves that may develop a rusting weld bead over time, these sleeves offer a durable and reliable option that won't corrode or scratch the poles when removing or installing them.

Furthermore, they eliminate the risk of rusting the poles, making them easy to remove when needed.

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The inclusion of two aluminum caps with the Sleeves is a practical addition, as aluminum is resistant to rusting.

These caps should be utilized when the pole is not inserted into the sleeves, serving the purpose of preventing debris from accumulating inside the sleeves. This feature helps ensure the longevity and functionality of the Sleeves.

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The lockable option on our floating brass floor plate provides a convenient and secure way to lock it in place. Simply use a key, coin, or a flat head screwdriver to rotate the small lock and ensure that the plate cannot be moved or tampered with.