HS-EC-3.5" and HS-EC- 3" Hard Surface Floor Socket (Concrete, Tile, Carpet, Etc..)

HS-EC-3.5" and HS-EC- 3" Hard Surface Floor Socket (Concrete, Tile, Carpet, Etc..)

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  • Powder coated seamless aluminum construction with welded base ring to lock sleeve firmly into concrete
  • For use on all non-floating floor systems, including concrete, tile, carpet or synthetic materials
  • Includes aluminum powder coated cap
  • Requires excavation of existing floors
  • Socket is approx. 12" deep
  • Requires two per system
  • 6" O.D. Sleeve cap ring completely covers hole drilled through concrete so no floor repair is needed after installing sleeves.
  • Key slot on cap allows for easy removal
  • Note: Floors with basements or hollow cavities below require additional re-inforcement. Please call us for site specific install help.
  • Detailed installation instructions provided at no cost.
  • Sold Indivudually


Installation Instructions

What sets the VBUSA Hard Surface Floor Socket Apart?

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The hard surface sleeve (HS-EC) is a specially designed sleeve with a large aluminum cap. The cap, being 6 inches wide, is able to effectively cover the stand. It also features a slot at the top, allowing for easy removal of the cap when needed.

The sleeve is ideal for use with a 6-inch cord drill size.

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The welded plate at the bottom of the sleeve serves two purposes: preventing grout from entering the sleeve during installation and providing stability for the sleeve when inserted into the non-shrink grout.

To accommodate the 4-1/2'' wide plate, it is advisable to use a 6'' cord drill for proper installation.

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The heavy-duty aluminum and powder coated gray caps used in the sleeves are designed to ensure stability and prevent any bouncing during events, even if the court is also used for basketball.

The three-inch length of the caps allows them to sit securely inside the sleeve, providing further assurance of their stability.