PIP 3.5" and 3" Sleeve Hard Surface Economy Floor Socket

PIP 3.5" and 3" Sleeve Hard Surface Economy Floor Socket

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  • Seamless Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Use on all non-floating floor
  • systems, including concrete, tile or synthetic
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Cap
  • Requires excavation of existing floors
  • Socket is approx. 18" deep
  • Requires two per system
  • Note: Floors with basements or hollow cavities below require additional re-inforcement. Please call us for site specific install help.
  • Detailed installation instructions provided at no cost.
  • Sold Indivudually

What sets the VBUSA PIP Sleeve Hard Surface Economy Floor Socket Apart?

sleeve 1

Large Cap

The inclusion of a large aluminum cap with a 6'' width in the PIP serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it effectively covers the 6'' cord drill size of the stand.

Additionally, the cap features a slot at the top enabling its easy removal when needed.

sleeve 2


The 18'' long PIP sleeves with 4'' ribbed plastic caps are a cost-effective choice for use in concrete and tile floors.

The sleeves are equipped with the caps, which are pre-installed before shipping, making them ready for immediate use.

sleeve 3


The sleeve caps are designed with durability in mind, being made of heavy-duty aluminum and powder coated gray. This means they can withstand the impact of basketball play without bouncing up.

With a length of three inches, they fit securely inside the sleeve, providing a stable and reliable solution.