PBN4: 4" Professional Pro Beach Power Net

PBN4: 4" Professional Pro Beach Power Net

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The Professional Pro Beach Power Net (PBN4) is a high quality beach volleyball net used by Colleges, Pro Tournaments, and home courts alike. We stand out from our competitors by making each PBN4 with high quality materials that will make your net last for many years; preventing color fading, weather damage and ensuring prolonged outdoor use.

  • Dimensions: 39 inches (H) x 32 feet (W)
  • Meets AVP, Collegiate and High School Standards
  • 4" Net Tapes
  • 22 oz. ultraviolet and mildew resistant vinyl
  • #42 Knotted Nylon Netting
  • Top Cable is 42 ft. Galvanized Steel 3/16" with a clear plastic coating (Also available as High Strength Kevlar Cords or Stainless Steel) (We strongly recommend Kevlar Cords as they are as strong on steel cables, don't have sharp points that can cause injuries with handling and don't rust)
  • Bottom Cable is 42 ft. Galvanized 1/8" with a clear plastic coating (Also available as High Strength Kevlar Rope or Stainless Steel) (We strongly recommend Kevlar Cords as they are as strong on steel cables, don't have sharp points that can cause injuries with handling and don't rust)
  • Side Tie Rope Tensioners (Rope Ratchets or Velcro Straps available for $40)
  • 1 - 1/8" Ash wooden dowels on both ends of the net (Same wood used commonly with shovel handles)
  • Available in 12 Colors (See additional photos for options)
  • Custom width available (please call 1-800-494-3933)
  • Steel cable nets take around 20-30 minutes the first time to set up.  Kevlar cord nets take around 5 minutes.  Kevlar cord nets roll up and unroll much easier than steel cable nets as the steel cables and cable clamps tend to get caught in the netting more often.  If you are worried about your net getting cut down and stolen we recommend steel cables but if you want convenience and less headaches we recommend Kevlar cords.
  • Kevlar cord nets are preferred by the AVP Pro Beach Tour, college and high school programs, the Olympic games and most California, Florida and Hawaii beach towns.


Instructions for side rope tensioners

PBN4 Spec Sheet

What sets the VBUSA Pro Beach Power Net Apart?

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PBN4 is offered with 3/16" galvanized steel top cables, 3/16" stainless steel top cables or 1/4" Kevlar cords. Galvanized steel and Stainless steel cable offer fantastic strength with a 4,200 LB break point on the top of the PBN4 and are difficult to cut down with knives and scissors making them more theft resistant. Bottom galvanized steel cable has a 2,000LBS break point. When a net is ordered with Stainless steeel cables top and bottom, both of these cables will be 3/16" diameter with a 4,200 lb breakpoint.

1/4" diameter Kevlar is the chosen material for most professional tours, collegiate programs and the olympic games. This material has a UV resistant polyester jacket to protect the super strong Kevlar core material in the middle. Kevlar cords are very soft like shoe laces and are much safer to handle in that there are no sharp ends to avoid. Kevlar cords are very stretch resistant and perform very similar to steel cables with them being so much easier to handle and tie knots with if needed. The Kevlar cords have a 3,000 break point on the top and bottom lines. Other benefits of Kevlar are that is dose not rust and that you do not need tools to set-up your net the first time like you do with a galvanized steel or stainless steel cable net.

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The PBN4 features our 18oz fabric re-enforced vinyl. The fabric inside the vinyl is extremely strong and durable. This vinyl is super tear resistant. For example, if you dragged your volleyball net accidently along in a parking lot, this hole will not grow in size.

In addition to superior tear resistance, the vinyl is made with extra UV inhibitors to slow the fade process when left ouside for years and years. The vinyl is easily cleaned with marine vinyl cleaners and some light pressure washing.

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Our PBN4 features 360lb breakpoint, UV resistant #36 American made 4’’ square netting. A 360lb breakpoint allows for players to pull on the netting both by accident and in moments of rage and continue looking brand new. All of the force of the netting and cables ultimately transfers down to the smallest part of the volleyball net, the stitching. This small component is very often not celebrated but is often the most important. If you have strong cables and the netting rips out of the vinyl, your net is ruined. If you have strong netting and strong vinyl and the netting rips out of the vinyl ,your net is ruined.

The stitch is often the first part to fail before the netting and vinyl and if your stitch is not strong, you will most often want to repair or replace your net. No other company puts as much effort into using such strong stitching as United Volleyball Supply for our volleyball nets. We use the largest polyester stich possible to feed through our double needle, lock / stich sewing machines which is much slower for us to produce but results in the longest lasting volleyball nets. You can also upgrade to a United stich using bullet proof vest material which is approximately 3 times stronger than our polyester stitch.