Regular Sand Plates - Set of 4- IN STOCK (Ships within 24 hours)

Regular Sand Plates - Set of 4- IN STOCK (Ships within 24 hours)

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  • 4" diameter
  • 3/16" Regular bungee cord 2 feet long
  • Standard style sand plate set for setting up in short term conditions (Weekly, monthly, for a summer)


Installation Instructions

What sets the VBUSA 4 Inch Regular Sand Plate Apart?

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Our 4 inch sand plates are made with a long lasting plastic so that it will hold up for years to come buried in the ssand. The round design was created so that if players try to pull the plates out by the bungee cord there is no sharp edge to cut someone. Sand plates are often used for courts where the lines are installed for long periods of time. With buying the sand plate the weight of the sand help to pull the boundary lines tighter.

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The 2' bungee is connected with two stainless steel crimps.The 2' bungee cord helps keeping the boundary line tensioned but also allows stretch if a player trips on the boundary line.

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One side is crimped to the 5" stainless steel stake and the other size comes with a stainless steel S-Hook to attach the bungee cord to the boundary line. The S-Hook makes it quick and easy to set-up and remove the plates from the lines.