Sports Attack: Attack II

Sports Attack: Attack II

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These machines provide a low ball release point for setting; a much higher above-the-net release point for exact replication of serves and spikes for digging drills. 

In addition, to produce an all-important jump serve, the machine had to deliver high velocity, controlled top spin and floaters that could be repeated. This would provide the much needed controlled repetition for serve-receiving drills. The machines also provide variability to match game-like play with the ability to instantly change ball placement on the court.


  • Ball Release Point Range - 5' 6" to 8' 6"
  • New Serving Speeds -  70 MPH
  • Spiking - Over Women's Net
  • Setting - Yes
  • Spin - Top spins to floaters
  • Location Control - Instant
  • Portability - Fits through standard doorway and standard size SUV or pick-up
  • Electrical Requirements - 110V or 22/240V also available
  • New Throwing Wheel Size - 10" diameter, 4" wide
  • Dimensions - 24" wide x 79"-112" tall (depending on head position) 47" deep (42" w/o throwing head)
  • Platform Height - 24"
Attack It

Attack It

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