Sports Attack: Total Attack

These machines provide a low ball release point for setting; a much higher above-the-net release point for exact replication of serves and spikes for digging drills. 

In addition, to produce an all-important jump serve, the machine had to deliver high velocity, controlled top spin and floaters that could be repeated. This would provide the much needed controlled repetition for serve-receiving drills. The machines also provide variability to match game-like play with the ability to instantly change ball placement on the court.


  • Ball Release Point Range - 6' 3" to 9' 6"
  • New Serving Speeds -  90+ MPH
  • Spiking - Over Men's & Women's Net
  • Setting - Yes
  • Spin - Top spins to floaters
  • Location Control - Instant
  • Portability - Fits through standard doorway and standard size SUV or pick-up
  • Electrical Requirements - 110V or 22/240V also available
  • New Throwing Wheel Size - 10" diameter, 4" wide
  • Dimensions - 36" (w) at widest point but configured to fit through a 3" door. 86"-127"H, 53" deep with or without throwing head
  • Platform Height - 37.5" 

Customer Reviews

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A Word From Our Customers

Our school has worked with VolleyballUSA.com for multiple projects over the past several years and each time I am more impressed with their products and customer service. After five years, each outdoor volleyball system we have purchased remain in perfect condition and we routinely receive compliments on the quality of our volleyball facilities. Their customer care is the best out of any company we work with and it has come to the point where we look for opportunities to do business through VolleyballUSA.com. There is nowhere else I would go to for volleyball equipment.

A. Trigg

To everyone at VolleyballUSA.com - Thanks for all the help. We love our courts! The Bazooka Net System is great. I appreciate all the help we received through the ordering process. We couldn't have done it all without you.


The equipment you supplied was first class. Best beach pole pads we've ever used and the nets looked amazing. The entire received rave reviews from athletes and families.

T. Giarla

I wanted to thank you very much again, for your generous partnership with my Monterey Beach events. Our main event this weekend, the 5th Annual Monterey Beach Open was another successful event! It's partners like VolleyballUSA.com that makes it the best junior beach volleyball event in all of Central and Northern California!

J. Companion

Over the past few months we have installed the slider attachment system onto 6 of our 9 courts. Adding the new pole padding along with the branded out nets have been a huge success. Our courts look better than ever.

University of Florida