Floating-Floor-Sleeves-With-Brass-Access-Plate-SET-3.5-With-System (Extra $610)

Floating-Floor-Sleeves-With-Brass-Access-Plate-SET-3.5-With-System (Extra $610)

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Cover Plate:

  • Premium quality, 8" Outside Diameter with 6" Inside Diameter opening with a 1/4" thickness made of solid cast brass.
  • Hinged floor plate is machined for a high quality fit and finish.
  • 1" Wide Hinge for long term strength and durability. (Don't skimp on sleeve quality or you'll find yourself replacing these in a few years) (Many of our competitor's access plates have narrower hinges which break over time and is a common reason people call us for replacement as they break off and get kicked around the gym floor getting lost, leaving potentially hazardous holes in the gym floor).
  • Industry leading inside diameter allows floating wooden floors to expand and contract with changes in humidity.  (It is not uncommon for some wood floors to move 1-2 inches throughout the day pinning the floor into the volleyball pole.  This larger 6" opening reduces the potential for that issue to occur).
  • Requires routing of wood to retrofit into existing facilities

Volleyball pole/standard mounting sleeve cemented below the cover plate:

  • 12" deep
  • Seamless anodized aluminum with a powder coated finish for two layers of rust protection.
  • Requires sub-floor excavation
  • 3-1/2" Sleeves will accept 3-1/2" poles and 3" poles. 3" Sleeves will accept 3" poles only
  • Requires two per system
  • Note: Floors with basements or hollow cavities below require additional re-enforcement. Please call us for site specific install help.
  • Detailed installation instructions provided at no cost.