POP-Bazooka Volleyball System

POP-Bazooka Volleyball System

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The Volleyball Poles of choice for many collegiate volleyball programs in the United States. This system can be adjusted easily for any net height, making it also ideal for spaces setting up for multiple net sports (volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc.) 

  • (2) 3.5 inch O.D. ultra stiff posts.
  • Choose between heavy-wall, 12' anodized aluminum or 10-1/2' to 12' galvanized steel poles. (Either pole can be ordered in longer lengths if preferred)
  • High strength single unit hardware with stainless steel set screws and nuts
  • Stainless steel winch. Also available with a Stainless Steel 2-Gear or Worm Gear winch both with collapsible handles
  • Single point adjustment, no ladder or chair needed.
  • Perfect for sand courts and prolonged outdoor use.
  • Top and bottom internal drive caps for poles.
  • Lockable winches to prevent vandalism and theft.
  • Available for side by side systems.
  • If purchasing sleeves, poles will ship at 8' 6" to account for sleeve length
  • If direct burying into concrete (no sleeves), poles will ship at 12' long


Installation Instructions

POP Bazooka Pole Spec Sheet


Sleeve Option:


Net Options: 

  • PBN4 - 4" Net Tapes made of 22 oz vinyl, ash dowels on both ends of the net. 
  • ML4 - 4" Net tapes made of 13 oz vinyl with dowels built into the side of the net.


Boundary Line Options:

  • 2" Pro Adjustable Boundary Lines Our most popular webbing material boundary lines allow you to adjust between traditional and short court playing sizes. Has stainless steel corner rings for prolonged outdoor use and injury prevention. (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes).
  • 2" Fixed Short Court Boundary Lines - Designed for 2 vs 2 doubles volleyball court size. Webbing constructed lines that are also great for those playing in smaller backyards. (8m x 16m / 26'3" x 52'6").
  • 2" Premium Adjustable Boundary Lines - Adjustable boundary lines constructed of vinyl material (same as net tapes), increasing durability and longevity. (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes).


Antenna Options: 

  • 1-Piece Antenna Set - 6' fiberglass antenna with velcro attaching sleeves (attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets)
  • 2-Piece Antenna Set - Each antenna is divided into two 3' pieces which connect to form an antenna. Easier to store than the 1-Piece Antenna.(attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets.


Padding Options: