Ultra-Stiff 3.5" OD Patriot Professional Aluminum Volleyball System

The 3.5" OD (Outside Diameter) Patriot Aluminum System features strong, structural grade aluminum, providing similar stiffness to carbon fiber and steel volleyball poles. The poles are lighter than our Steel Patriot System poles, weighing approximately 40lbs. Height settings are easily adjustable for Men, Women, and Junior height settings using pin-stop or palm bolts. Included in the system are poles, pole padding, volleyball net, floor sockets, antennas, and cable covers.  All products 100% Made in the USA. See table below for details.

System Includes: 

Patriot Poles Adjustable professional steel standards (pin-stop or palm bolt). Lifetime Limited Warranty
VB23 High quality floating brass floor plates and sleeves. Can be ordered without sleeves. *Notify sales staff if installing on concrete, tile, or carpet.  
Sencomp-32 32' x 39" Professional Competition Net with reinforced corners and removable dowels (upgrades available). 2-Year Limited
2-Piece Velcro Antennas Ultra-strong velcro antennas with 39" vertical velcro and extra horizontal velcro for fastening. Clamp-on version available. 90-Day Limited
VBSP Made with 2" Polyfoam covered in UV resistant vinyl and double stitched with mildew resistant stitching. Covers poles up to 6'6" using velcro straps. 5-Year Limited
Cable Covers Net Cable Covers 5-Year Limited


* If system is to go into existing sockets or non-floating floors, please advise so proper order adjustment is made.


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Prices Range from $1,400 to $2,895