UV-TOP Telescopic Volleyball System

UV-TOP Telescopic Volleyball System

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Designed for those who wish to set-up and take down shorter telescoping poles which are easier to handle on a more frequent basis.

If you are working within a budget and need help creating a nice court, please call us toll free at 1-800-494-3933.

  • Two 4 inch O.D. ultra stiff base posts with 3-1/2 inch telecsoping upper posts.
  • Telescopes from Men's to Co-Ed to Women's to Juniors volleyball net heights.
  • Permanently connected pin with flexible thick bungee cord allows for quick net adjustment. (Bungee cord may be substituted with chain for city park / apartment complex installations if requested)
  • High strength moveable winch with stainless steel set screws and nuts
  • Stainless steel eye bolts to connect the top of the net to.
  • Adjustable base collars with adjustable palm bolt allow fine tuning of the net height to get the net height accurate to within an 1/8"
  • Net is tensioned using a Kevlar rope ratchet for the top and a Kevlar rope ratchet for the bottom. (Also available with stainless steel ratchet straps, a micro block, or a Winch for an extra cost)
  • Perfect for grass, concrete and sand courts and designed for prolonged outdoor use.
  • Top and bottom internal drive caps for poles.
  • Posts can be permanently placed in the ground or you can purchase optional 4-1/8" Inner Diameter PVC ground sleeves with removable caps.
  • Made in the USA

Installation Instructions

UV-TOP Spec Sheet


Sleeve Option: 

Net Options:  

  • PBN4 - 4" Net Tapes made of 22 oz vinyl, ash dowels on both ends of the net. 
  • ML4 - 4" Net tapes made of 13 oz vinyl with dowels built into the side of the net. 
  • IL2D - 2" Net tapes made of 13 oz vinyl with dowels built into the side of the net.
  • HD2 - 2" Net tapes made of 18 oz vinyl and enclosed dowels within the sides of the net.

Boundary Line Options:

  • 2" Pro Adjustable Boundary Lines Our most popular webbing material boundary lines allow you to adjust between traditional and short court playing sizes. Has stainless steel corner rings for prolonged outdoor use and injury prevention. (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes).
  • 2" Fixed Short Court Boundary Lines - Designed for 2 vs 2 doubles volleyball court size. Webbing constructed lines that are also great for those playing in smaller backyards. (8m x 16m / 26'3" x 52'6").
  • 2" Premium Adjustable Boundary Lines - Adjustable boundary lines constructed of vinyl material (same as net tapes), increasing durability and longevity. (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes).

Antenna Options: 

  • 1-Piece Antenna Set - 6' fiberglass antenna with velcro attaching sleeves (attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets)
  • 2-Piece Antenna Set - Each antenna is divided into two 3' pieces which connect to form an antenna. Easier to store than the 1-Piece Antenna.(attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets.

Padding Options:

  • VBSP - 2" Standard Pad - Wrap around style padding constructed of 2" of polyfoam and 18 oz vinyl.
  • 2" Professional Pole Pad - Padding with pre-formed corners that forms a square uniformed shape around volleyball poles.
  • Custom Printing - Submit your logos/artwork requests to be printed onto the padding.