Monson Slider System

Monson Slider System

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  • Adjust your net up or down while under full tension!
  • Available in this complete system with a completely stainless steel winch, stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel eye bolts and stainless steel connector bars.
  • High Strength Galvanized Steel tracks are welded to the posts and then powder coated white for years of dependable outdoor use.
  • Eye bolts connect to stainless steel slider bars which connect to the track with stainless steel bearings.
  • Net can be adjusted from approximately 9' down to 3 feet.
  • Multi-sport use allows system to be used for volleyball, badminton, tennis and again you never have to loosen the net to change net heights.
  • Great for public parks and beach volleyball bars.
  • Requires #19 or 3/4 size tool or crescent wrench to tighten winch (not included)
  • Poles can be mounted permanently or can be used with our anodized aluminum, seamless ground sleeve


Installation Instructions

Monson Slider System Spec Sheet


Sleeve Option: 

Net Options:  

  • PBN4 - 4" Net Tapes made of 22 oz vinyl, ash dowels on both ends of the net. 
  • ML4 - 4" Net tapes made of 13 oz vinyl with dowels built into the side of the net. 

Boundary Line Options:

  • 2" Pro Adjustable Boundary Lines Our most popular webbing material boundary lines allow you to adjust between traditional and short court playing sizes. Has stainless steel corner rings for prolonged outdoor use and injury prevention. (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes).
  • 2" Fixed Short Court Boundary Lines - Designed for 2 vs 2 doubles volleyball court size. Webbing constructed lines that are also great for those playing in smaller backyards. (8m x 16m / 26'3" x 52'6").
  • 2" Premium Adjustable Boundary Lines - Adjustable boundary lines constructed of vinyl material (same as net tapes), increasing durability and longevity. (30' x 60' court size lowers down to 26' x 52' court sizes).

Antenna Options: 

  • 1-Piece Antenna Set - 6' fiberglass antenna with velcro attaching sleeves (attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets)
  • 2-Piece Antenna Set - Each antenna is divided into two 3' pieces which connect to form an antenna. Easier to store than the 1-Piece Antenna.(attaches to 35" (H) and 39" (H) nets.

Padding Options:

  • VBSP - 2" Standard Pad - Wrap around style padding constructed of 2" of polyfoam and 18 oz vinyl.
  • 2" Professional Pole Pad - Padding with pre-formed corners that forms a square uniformed shape around volleyball poles.
  • Custom Printing - Submit your logos/artwork requests to be printed onto the padding.